Trade Finance Digitalization App

Reduce cycle times and accelerate trade finance transactions between banks and corporates, enhancing efficiency with real-time collaboration and verifiable, tamper-proof transaction records.


Trade finance relies on specific instruments that banks/financial institutions use when working with corporates, to ensure uninterrupted international transactions. However, banks can struggle with outdated, siloed systems and manual processes, leading to inefficiencies.


Advanced digital technologies, such as blockchain, AI, and machine learning, can address these challenges by:

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App Features

Enforce effective, risk-free contracts across the bank's team and the customer's team.
Simplify and improve trade finance connectivity between banks and corporate clients for a shorter cycle time and better customer experience.
Streamline trade finance processes involving multiple corporates in a digital network with focused operational insights.
Increase visibility and transparency across the digital network of customers to reduce turn-around times (TAT) and release working capital faster.
Maintain accurate data and digital document repository with auditability across the bank's and corporate's functional departments and ecosystem participants.
Generate real-time reports and secure tracking of trade finance verified documentations and negotiating documents as tamper-proof digital records for future use and compliance.
Provide secure real-time information on the status of trade finance with status flags to quickly triage operational issues and optimize shipping of finished goods in line with order promise date.
Embed banks into the flow of corporate business transactions to enhance collaboration, accountability, and visibility for trade finance processes involving multiple parties in multiple geographies and improve user efficiency.

Business Benefits

Building and expanding the client network is made easy via the platform
Platform allows banks to create more value from existing network of clients and create new revenue streams
Visibility into transaction generates more confidence in client and their operations
System brings more transparency and generates more value in the network, providing faster time to resolution and reduced fraud
Banks can have digital trade finance execution using the application and increase their wallet share as Global Business Partners in the network
Platform and the application help streamline Accounts Payable process via a secure channel with data/document exchanges shared in real-time

Trade Finance Digitalization App

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