Seamless Account Payables Digitalization App

Simplify and streamline Accounts Payable and Vendor Management processes across multiple suppliers and regions, enabling auto-matching, auto-reconciliation, and proactively detecting and resolving document discrepancies in the system of records.


Current vendor management and accounts payable processes are manual and paper-heavy, leading to challenges in payment processing. Organizations are seeking automation to capture mismatches and inconsistencies during transaction execution, enabling seamless payment processing.


Some of the key challenges in the accounts payable process that can be addressed using emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, and machine learning include:

The business need is to reinvent the accounts payable process in connected supply chain procurement involving multiple suppliers using blockchain technology.

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App Features

Increase visibility and transparency across the digital network of multi-tier suppliers to promote ethical behavior throughout the supply chain.
Automatically route vendor bill approval workflow based on the DoA (Delegation of Authority) matrix.
Simplify posting in the ERP system with pre-validated, pre-filled, and auto invoice document linking.
Enforce effective, risk-free contracts across purchasing with multiple suppliers/vendors. Classify PO and non-PO invoices for processing with auto validation against ERP data in real time.
Utilize Microsoft Azure AI/ML processing to capture necessary invoice details for matching purposes and proactively collaborate on the platform before pushing to the ERP system.
Receive real-time reports and secure tracking of the origin of goods and the chain of custody for high-ticket items, with verified documentations and certifications as tamper-proof digital records for future use and compliance.
Maintain accurate data and a digital document repository with auditability across functional departments and ecosystem participants. Access invoice status flags, AP aging, productivity reports, exception analysis, and daily task lists for pending/open items.
Simplify the procurement process involving multiple suppliers from multiple geographies with shorter cycle times. The platform provides a digital network with vendor profiling based on spend category. Vendors can easily upload invoices on the platform with visibility to respective Commercial and Treasury teams.

Business Benefits

Building and expanding the client network is made easy via the platform
Platform allows banks to create more value from existing network of clients and create new revenue streams
Visibility into transactions generates more confidence in clients and their operations
Greater transparency within the network, providing faster time to resolution and reduced fraud
Banks can have digital trade finance execution using the application and increase their wallet share as Global Business Partners in the network
The application helps streamline the Accounts Payable process via a secure channel with data/document exchanges shared in real-time

Seamless Account Payables Digitalization App

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