The power of collective expertise

We collaborate with a diverse array of partners in technology, system integration, banking, and co-innovation to enhance and innovate extended supply chain networks. Through these strategic partnerships, we seamlessly integrate our platform and technology with our partners’ offerings, enabling a more efficient and streamlined experience for multi-party transactions. 
This synergy fosters an environment where all stakeholders can thrive and capitalize on the power of our collective expertise.

Driving the Power of Multi-Party Collaboration

Our Partners are critical to meeting the significant customer demand for multi-party collaboration. We’re proud to partner with many of the world’s leading experts to bring digital collaboration technologies to our customers.

Technology Partners

Our strategic alliances with the world’s top technology companies show our commitment to providing you with robust, reliable, and efficient solutions designed to tackle your most pressing industry challenges.

System Integrators

We work with the world’s leading system integrators and pioneers to streamline and secure your business processes using blockchain technology.

Banking collaborators

Collaborating with the world’s leading banks, our mission is to help you maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving digital banking landscape. 

Co-innovation partners

Through our co-innovation partnerships, we strive to explore the full potential of blockchain technology, pushing the boundaries of innovation and unlocking new opportunities in the industry.

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