Farm First App

Connect a global network of ecosystem actors for increased efficiency, streamlined order fulfillment, real-time collaboration, and automated supply chain visibility from farm to barn.


Large enterprises and agri-commodity houses sourcing from global farm suppliers face challenges in visibility, standardization, and collaboration.


Some of the key factors affecting agri-commodity supply chains include:

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We can create a custom, block-chain-driven app to solve your unique supply chain orchestration challenges in as little as 6-weeks.

App Features

Streamline your order fulfillment process involving overseas exports with shorter cycle times, improving customer relations.
Enhance collaboration with multiple parties in multiple geographies, improving user efficiency and end-user experience.
Streamline your exportation process involving multiple distributors and customers in multiple geographies within a digital network, providing focused operational insights.
Increase visibility and transparency across the digital network of customers to drive a reduction in unfulfillment rates, leading to less holding of inventory and release of working capital.
Enforce effective, risk-free contracts across distributors and customers in multiple geographies. Our system tracks inventory, provides breakdown authentication, and handles payments and settlement.
Secure real-time information on the status of order fulfillment with status flags that enable digital network members to triage a vast range of operational issues quickly and effectively, ensuring optimized shipping of finished goods in line with the order promise date.
Maintain accurate data and digital document repositories with auditability across functional departments and ecosystem participants.
Receive real-time reports and secure tracking of order fulfillment, with verified documentation and certifications as tamper-proof digital records for future use and compliance.

Business Benefits

Agri-commodities players can have their digital network of contract farmers in a single unified system, which can help avoid stock-outs. The Farm First App currently runs with 45,000 farmers and related businesses can quickly form networks with provenance and tracking for responsible sourcing.
The web-based mobile application integrated to the blockchain platform in a collaborative ecosystem provides a competitive advantage to accelerate deployment with existing set of ecosystem business partners.
The network benefits via data sharing and an ecosystem approach digitally. Due to increasing compliance requirements, the system allows to integrate and collaborate digitally at source for sustainability tracking & reporting.
The streamlined process has cut companies’ average working capital cycle by about 20 days.
The efficiency of the solution has provided companies more time to focus on developing new supply and customer networks to broaden reach globally.

Farm First App

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