Freight Payable Digitalization App

Improve freight management and audit pay processes using a blockchain-based platform that connects 3PLs/4PLs, streamlining booking offers and acceptance, reducing cycle times, enhancing efficiency, and eliminating manual tasks.


Large corporations face challenges in handling shipments across multi-modes — air, sea, rail and road — due to poor collaboration, manual processes, and lack of standardization and visibility. Companies working with Logistics Service Providers (3PL/4PL) seek a collaborative platform to run their current freight management and freight audit pay process, which typically involves multiple parties and lacks operational visibility.


A single platform for export booking that enables a paperless, efficient, and traceable process can profoundly impact global transactions by delivering these improvements in the transaction flow:

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App Features

Streamline FMS/FAP process involving Corporate and their Logistics service providers with a shorter cycle time, improving customer relations.
Enhance collaboration with multiple parties in multiple geographies with improved user efficiency and end-user experience.
Enforce effective shipment tracking of booking offer, acceptance, reconciliation of shipment documents, disbursements, payments, and settlement.
Increase visibility and transparency across the digital network of customers to drive reduction in transaction times, resulting in cost efficiency.
Optimize shipment process for all stakeholders in line with business rules established in the network, such as shipment linkages involving various data/documents shared across the ecosystem.
Streamline transaction flows involving multiple corporate, 3PLs/4PLs Institutions in multiple geographies in a digital network with focused operational insights.
Maintain accurate data and digital document repository with auditability across functional departments and ecosystem participants.
Generate real-time reports and secure tracking with verified documentations and certifications as tamper-proof digital records for future use and compliance.

Business Benefits

Enhanced Operational Visibility improves process and cost efficiency.
The streamlined process has cut the Freight Audit pay cycle by about 15 days.
The efficiency of the solution has provided corporations to streamline their business better with improved cash flows.
The Shipment Linkage between SO > PO > Transport documents helps with resolving reconciliation issues
The logistics team within the organization gets pre-alert notification & a clear visibility into the shared single source document repository preventing version control issues
A web-based application using blockchain technology in a collaborative ecosystem. The collaborative booking platform helps with booking to settlement of freight with the service providers.

Freight Payable Digitalization App

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