Licenses and Compliance Digitalization App

Enable a trusted, secure, and authenticated system for all compliance related documents and collaborations in a multi-party environment with alerts, auditability, and tamper-proof verification.


Compliance issues, both operational and regulatory, have become increasingly complex, but effectively managing these risks can enhance business continuity plans and improve manufacturing plant productivity. Evaluating the current compliance process landscape and leveraging advanced technologies to streamline and optimize compliance processes is crucial for the transformation journey of organizations.


Organizations are striving to gain value and reduce inefficiencies in their own plants, joint venture plants, and third-party manufacturing plants by addressing pain points faced by their EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) teams including:

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App Features

Deploy in multiple geographies and enable multi-party interactions in a private, permissioned, enterprise blockchain framework to create immutable records for EHS documents, enhancing authenticity and transparency.
Collaborate more efficiently with multiple participants in multiple geographies, both for internal (own/JV) manufacturing plants and external manufacturers and improve the end-user experience.
Effectively enforce compliance requirements by authenticating permits, licenses, and agreements with multi-parties, especially in Contract Manufacturing Operations (CMOs).
Increase visibility and transparency across the digital network of global and local EHS departments, plant/factory process owners, and auditors, promoting ethical behavior throughout the EHS network.
Mitigate compliance risk with smart logics that provide alerts and checks for meeting compliance requirements with respect to validity, expiry, and more.
Gain insight into risk profiles and the impacts on the business through a dashboard that supports ESG requirements, providing real-time alerts.
Maintain an accurate digital repository of data and documents across functional EHS departments and ecosystem participants, with auditability.
Receive real-time reports, alerts/notifications, and validations with secure tracking of permits, licenses, certifications, etc., and store them as tamper-proof digital records for future use and compliance.
Securely track the origin of goods and the chain of custody with verified documentation and certifications and maintain tamper-proof digital records for future use and compliance, providing real-time reports.

Business Benefits

Streamlined License and Compliance Process with timeline of events and transaction documents for real-time tracking of permits and licenses with enhanced visibility to each process owner
Improved accountability among the different stakeholders with alerts/notifications for renewal of licenses and permits. This ensures there is no penalty incurred for delayed renewals
Unified single view to all process owners on the standard operating procedures (SOP) governing occurrence of an event with digital sharing of data/documents reducing manual errors and costly delays
Mitigated risks in EHS framework with enhanced visibility, auditability, and track/trace capability on data/document flows
Reduced business disruptions due to manufacturing events affecting the supply of goods and clearly defined recovery times to prevent indefinite delays
Quicker audits by external and internal auditors, reducing the timelines from 2 months to 2 weeks

Licenses and Compliance Digitalization App

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