Reverse Logistics Digitalization App

Streamline reverse logistics processes across multiple suppliers and geographies using a blockchain-based platform that enables efficient risk-free contracts with couriers and carriers, real-time collaboration, enhanced operational visibility, and auto-reconciliation of shipment linkages.


The surge of e-commerce activities has led to challenges in managing documentation, physical verification records, and data involved in the reverse logistics process involving product returns/recalls from customers from multiple geographies


Organizations need to leverage emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, and Machine Learning in the Return Material Authorization (RMA) process to enhance value and minimize inefficiencies by addressing these pain points:

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App Features

Drive ethical behavior throughout the reverse logistics supply chain with accountability by providing greater visibility and transparency across the digital network.
Enhance collaboration with multiple parties in multiple geographies for improved user-efficiency and end-user experience.
Optimize and automate processes for verification control (item quality and condition) with multiple parties in the reverse logistics process.
Identify return-label information in RMA (Return Material Authorization) document to pre-sort into returned item groups for optimized and accurate processing of sales/product return/recall.
Reduce supply chain cost, risk, and inventory with significant working capital improvements and authenticate data to place claims diligently.
Streamline RMA process involving multiple parties both internally (Distribution Centre, Customer Care, and Claims dept) and externally (Customer, Carrier/courier companies, insurance cos, etc.) in multiple geographies in a digital network.
Create an accurate data and digital document repository with auditability across functional departments and ecosystem participants for valuable insights that refine the process.

Business Benefits

Financial leakages can be plugged by a diligent claim process with insurance companies/logistics service providers and reduce the claim cycle times by 50%.
The solution helps to mitigate risk in Reverse Logistics framework with enhanced visibility, auditability and track/trace capability on data/document flows.
The resiliency and customer experiences are greatly increased with digital sharing of data/documents reducing manual errors and lead times.
The increased ecosystem visibility across the multiple stakeholders helps provide clarity on the Return Material Authorizations (RMAs) and Apps integration with internal DC (Distribution Centre) users/systems permits a seamless execution.
Solution allows to streamline the Reverse Logistics Process with timeline of events and transaction documents for real-time tracking of the returns.

Reverse Logistics Digitalization App

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