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With a network-driven solution strategy spanning the entire Extended Supply Chain, Proteus opens up the possibility for this Metaverse of solutions and players to eventually tile this domain space paving the way for rapid digitalization. The enterprises that get onboarded in the context of their partners would eventually benefit from the network. The industry product standardisations we have made enable seamless onboarding, pilots and adoption with the least change management. Today we have solutions spanning cross-border trade and contract manufacturing in the supply chain space.

Value Proposition

Technical components of dltledgers MESCBN platform

Our platform attributes enable seamless transactions across your supply chain flow

Design Considerations for Enterprise Blockchain Applications

These considerations have been carefully hand-picked to facilitate quality solution enablement with high flexibility, quality, and reduced time to market.

The Industry’s Most
Reliable Data

Our exception management system uses the most reliable data from the source itself to give you actionable insights to make your supply chain process streamlined




Your Network, Your Way

Build your business network using our low-code platform. Our easy onboarding and scale-as-you-go model will strengthen your supply chain process and bring all your stakeholders on a single platform.

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Faster onboarding of business partners

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Of transactional activities can be automated

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Reduction in manual error, improving the data integrity

The App Hub

Browse through our Apps and Services to find what you need for
your digitalization journey.


Seamlessly build and expand your secure network among your internal and external stakeholders to run a frictionless transaction.

Machineflow technology

Our cognitive workflow methodology drives workflows based on the smart contract values without manual intervention.

Cognitive Documentation Automation

A core capability in the platform designed to digitize, validate and authenticate your documents.

Identity management

Our universal identity management framework executes counterparty authentication to enable transaction verification and approvals.

Rule Box

Our highly customizable rule box enables creating the steps each transaction goes through and automates validation and cross-referencing across the platform.


Our framework authenticates digital document data across the platform to accelerate multi-party agreements.