Proteus Certification for  Supply Chain Leaders​

Collaborate. Authenticate. Digitalize.


Multi party transactions

These transactions exist across organisations. The training program will empower and build skills for Supply chain leaders, Trade finance professionals, Logistics professionals, Supplychain consultants, Technology consultants and Trade digitisation professionals.

Enterprise Blockchain Apps

Streamline and connect with your supply-chain partners. Collaborate authenticate and digitalize for increasing efficiency, reducing cost and resolving extended supply-chain management issues. Build your own apps and deploy in your organization.

Value Potential

Empowering yourself and your team with next generation skill sets for building a ONE CONNECTED SUPPLY-CHAIN

Proteus Certification

Certification for Supply-chain leaders

Learn & Build your own Apps

Multi-Enterprise Collaborative Network are bridging massive gaps in siloed supply-chains, streamlining and building efficiency, cost reduction, and improved customer experience into connected supply-chains. These interconnected supply networks are constructing the new ERP in collaboration with corporations, logistics, manufacturing, banks, and other supply-chain partners. A unified paradigm is critical for addressing today’s developing and difficult supply-chain issues. Learn about the process and technological advancements from professionals.

Build your Connected Supply-chain

Collaborate Authenticate Digitalize

Our Value​

Whether trackling issues like sustainability or resiliency, supply chain leaders are confronted with an undeniable reality: the toughest challenges facing us today will require new degrees of cooperation. There’s an urgent need for companies to reinvent themselves, forge improved ecosystem relationships, interwine technology, collaboration and sustainability by design, tap into trusted data and emerge with more resposible value chains. It’s clear that business as usual is facing a perfect storm. One that research shows is contributing to $507 billion of working capital trapped in S&P 1500 supply chains alone.. From high tech and automotive, through to aerospace, food and textiles, this costly lockup due to process inefficiencies is a shared pain across industries.

Apply these to your supply chains for significant benefits and the closure of current gaps. The course is intended to stimulate thought processes among supply chain executives by introducing them to advancements in blockchain, machine learning, and distributed ledger concepts, as well as their application in supply chain.

Traceability in contract execution - Multi party

Provide greater transparency and immutability

Fully Decentralized network

All partners nodes have full autonomy on the network and operate independently

Order & contract compliances

Linking contracts to thousands of orders and contracts for price, location, and status

Physical and Digital data capture

Convergence and three worfkflows: financial, physical and documentation, all captured onto the ledger


Build and collaborate across your supply-chain partners

Be a Certified Proteus Expert

Learn to construct MCN networks easily – Multi-Enterprise Collaborative Network provide a group of trading partners to coordinate and execute business operations that span numerous organisations. This research will help supply chain technology leaders grasp the MCN market. Discover innovative technologies in Supply Chain – New technologies now enable a complete reassessment of how to address such existing supply chain shortcomings and the development of new business models and product offerings based on real-time information, as opposed to quarterly forecasts. Suppliers, distributors, and logistics service providers are becoming more receptive to adopting shared data solutions with their upstream and down-stream counterparts.

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Over the last five to ten years, leaders have re-evaluated the supply chain’s function as it transitions from operational to strategic, from peer-to-peer exchange to com-plex, multi-enterprise business flows. And they’re increasingly demonstrating that supply chain investment can be a point of difference, owing to shifting with parties outside their organisations are required to achieve the agility, resilience, automation, sustainability, supply certainty, and Big Data insights required for a successful future. Consortia of like-minded organisations are aiming for cost savings and enhanced efficiency by pooling talent and resources, improving how they collaborate, and lowering the cost of reconciliation and audits.

Proteus Deep Dive Workshop for Supply Chain Leaders

Proteus Deep Dive Workshop
for Supply Chain Leaders

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Proteus Deep Dive Workshop
for Supply Chain Leaders

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