Multinational CPG Reduces Risk of Non-Compliance Using Distributed Ledgers

Digitization of the Compliance of all Permits and Licenses enabled proactive monitoring.​

Company Overview

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company based in Southeast Asia that has a presence in 100 countries worldwide. This company specializes in producing and distributing popular food, beverage, and confectionery brands.

Their extensive reach and diverse product portfolio make them a major player in the global FMCG industry​.

Problem Statement

Business continuity can be disrupted by events in manufacturing facilities, especially in Contract Manufacturing Operations (CMOs), OEMs, and sub-contract manufacturers, causing severe supply disruptions due to a lack of visibility.

Compliance issues have become broader and more complex, requiring effective management to positively impact business continuity plans and improve functional performance and productivity. To reduce inefficiencies, organizations aim to address several pain points, including manual and paper-heavy processes, poor collaboration and coordination, and lack of visibility and transparency on critical documents.

EHS permits, licenses, and agreements are often maintained as hard copies, with tracking and compliance efforts relying on manual processes and spreadsheets, leading to operational challenges and longer audit times. With ESG requirements increasingly becoming part of manufacturing operations, the complexity of EHS compliance is growing, necessitating better documentation and tracking.


The #dltledgers solution is a multi-geography deployable blockchain framework that creates immutable records for EHS documents, enhancing authenticity and transparency while enabling collaboration among multiple parties.

The solution includes improved user-efficiency and end-user experience for both internal and external manufacturers. Effective compliance requirements can be enforced with authentication at source of permits, licenses, and agreements with multi-parties.

The solution also provides greater visibility and transparency across the digital network of global EHS departments, local EHS departments, plant/factory process owners, and auditors to drive ethical behavior throughout the EHS network. The solution reduces the risk of non-compliance through smart logic that provides alerts and checks for meeting compliance requirements.

Being part of this digital space has helped organizations like us, having 300 plus external manufacturers globally, with more visibility into plant operations, build accountability among process owners and create increasing transparency of the Permits & Licenses Compliance. This will surely reduce related risk and build business resilience, and reduce disruptions in business continuity​.

Global Head of EHS
Large MNC in CPG Industry​


  • Business Value to each of the parties involved with better visibility and transparency to avoid disruptions​.
  • OTIF improvements by 10-15%​.
  • Increase in Revenue by 20-30% connecting the multiple parties with the real time information flow.​
  • Real-time reports and secure tracking of the origin of goods and the chain of custody with verified documentations and certifications as tamper-proof digital records for future use and compliance.​
  • Reduced order fulfilment processing time by 60-70%​
  • On time delivery with timely processing of payments to the third-party logistics and distribution​.

Product Capabilities

  • Easy Network Creation and onboarding multiple parties.​
  • Digital Assets configured to be maintained as part of the distributed ledger with blockchain​.
  • Real Time notification to expedite and avoid any delays in shipments across multiple parties​.

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