Battery Passport is a digital platform designed to provide end-to-end  traceability of batteries, from raw materials to recycling. 

By using a multi-party private permissioned blockchain, Battery Passport  ensures data integrity and provides a tamper-proof record of the  battery’s lifecycle.

The implementation of Battery Passport by this blockchain technology offers numerous benefits for the battery industry, manufacturers, and consumers:

Enhanced Transparency: Battery Passport provides a clear, traceable, and  tamper-proof record of battery materials and their lifecycle.

Improved Compliance: Battery Passport ensures regulatory compliance by offering a verifiable supply chain record for battery manufacturers. 

Strengthened Brand Reputation: Manufacturers can boost their brand by demonstrating their dedication to sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Streamlined Supply Chain: Battery Passport streamlines the supply chain by enhancing efficiency, reducing waste, and accelerating material transfer through real-time data sharing.

Increased Consumer Confidence: Battery Passport boosts consumer confidence by offering a clear and traceable battery history, enabling informed purchases of EVs and other battery-powered devices.