Forfaiting Digitalization App

Simplify MFA management, offer, and acceptance processes involving corporates, forfaiting banks, and availing banks, while promoting real-time collaboration and secure, tamper-proof transaction records.


Banks and financial institutions currently face challenges in their forfaiting processes, which involve multiple parties and are typically paper-intensive and manual.


Some of the key challenges affecting the forfaiting process include:

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App Features

Optimize forfaiting processes for all stakeholders in line with established business rules in the network.
Enhance collaboration with multiple parties across multiple geographies in real-time, with improved user efficiency and authentication/verification of shared data/documents.
Enforce effective tracking of offers, acceptance, disbursements, payments, and settlements using the application, with enhanced end-user experience.
Increase visibility and transparency across the digital network of customers, driving reduced transaction times and resulting in cost efficiency.
Streamline transaction flows involving multiple corporates, banks, and financial institutions across multiple geographies in a digital network, providing focused operational insights.
Streamline the management of the Master Facility Agreement (MFA) involving corporate and forfaiting banks, with shorter cycle times that improve process efficiency and support better customer relations.
Maintain accurate data exchange and digital document repositories with auditability across functional departments and ecosystem participants.
Receive real-time reports and secure tracking with verified documentation and certifications as tamper-proof digital records for future use and compliance.

Business Benefits

The streamlined process has cut companies’ average working capital cycle by about 15 to 20 days.
The efficiency of the solution has enabled companies to streamline their business better with improved cashflows.
Banks can increase their revenue opportunities and broaden its reach into customers globally.
A web-based application using blockchain technology in a collaborative ecosystem. There is a competitive advantage derived from data sharing and a fully digital ecosystem.

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Forfaiting Digitalization App

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