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Farm First

Problem Statement

Large Enterprises/Agri-Commodity houses having their sourcing from indigenous farmers,who are spread globally need integrated solutions to get visibility and tracking into their sustainability factors down to customer bases.

Some of the key factors affecting are:

  • Poor visibility in to stock availability and pricing for enunciating a business transaction.
  • Manual and lack of standardized process involving multi-parties with data/document exchanges (Purchase Order, Sales Invoice, Good Receipt Note, Weigh Bridge documents, Shipping Instructions, INCO Terms etc.)
  • Poor collaboration and co-ordination among channel partners and their business functions and related ecosystem (Custom House Agent (CHA), Transporter, Inspection agency, processing plants etc.)
  • Manual paper-intensive activities that are error-prone and long cycle times.
  • Manual reconciliation and matching for document submissions and receipt of payment leading to delayed payments.
  • Little to no exposure on third-party risk management or extended supply chains and non-compliances to multi-geographic jurisdictional requirements.
  • Limited ability to perform analysis due to data holes and lack of ability to handle supply chain disruptions that can be mitigated using system & technology.

Agri-commodities players use Farm First as a unified solution across supply chain applications and data for demand fulfilment with direct access to the farmers in real-time. It is used by 45,000 indigenous farmers to reach and deliver to the Agri-processing units for on-time delivery to the export houses.

Digitally connecting farmers around the world and ability to enhance that connection like never before with new generation technologies is a real-game changer for on-time delivery, provenance and for availing financing.

The integrated mobile application with blockchain platform capabilities prevents costly delays and improves efficiency across the ecosystem. The data/documents are shared and trade happen paperless within the network using the integrated solution on platform.

Key part of transformational business model is getting on the digital front and collaborating using the platform. It will have a profound impact on how businesses transact and participate in global transactions with integrated offerings.

The key aspects of it are:

  • Integrated dltledgers mobile application and blockchain platform to run smart contracts in a digitally integrated system.
  • Organisations can place an offer and receive bids via the mobile application among contract farmers. The acceptance will trigger a smart contract execution process. Stock availability, Inspection of stocks to specifications, and receipts of goods at warehouses prior to export will be validated by all the counter-parties such as surveyors, processing plants, freight forwarders etc., allowing seamless network execution digitally, ensuring the validity of the transaction.
  • Supply chain participants are able to access real-time updates on commodity prices and delivery information as well as trade financing for orders from any part of the world. Buyers can also look into the sources of their commodities, learn details of their trade more easily, and trace the information to achieve sustainability objectives.
  • Quicker processing allows goods to be shipped earlier, reducing charges at storage centres and interest costs to participants. Farmers were also able to receive payments for their goods more quickly.

The Business Need

Evolving supply chain disruptions calls for a comprehensive solution for large enterprises/Commodity houses that need optimised solution that integrates seamlessly with external and internal applications for ensuring a smooth supply chain process especially from a single unified platform.


Business Scenario

Agri-commodities players dealing in contract farming with indigenous farmers in different jurisdictions seek visibility into stock availability.

Key customers in overseas markets and their requirements in order fulfilment is a time-consuming manual tasks and delays  can significantly impact the business  revenue and profitability.

The lack of visibility in the order fulfilment process leads to inefficient supply chain, with collaboration issues and inability to enforce effective risk-free contracts.

Business agility in Sales and Distribution process involving multi-party especially with overseas markets is becoming a critical business requirement

Organisations are moving digital with higher automation, greater visibility, increased profitability and revenue in their sales and distribution involving overseas markets

The order fulfilment process is a complex process covering multiple organization with heavy documentations and multiple contracts.

dltledgers Can Help You

Our state-of-the-art blockchain-based platform integrated with Farm First App, connects a global network of ecosystem actors through blockchain for increased efficiency, automated supply chain visibility from farm to barns. This helps streamline order fulfilment process involving exportation to overseas channels. This App enforces effective risk-free contracts with reduced cycle times and enhanced user efficiency eliminating time-consuming manual tasks.

The app also enhances greater real-time collaboration across sales and distribution value stream in a multi-party environment with tamper-proof record of transaction documents and data with auditability.


The Solution Brief

  • Smoothen and streamline order fulfilment process involving overseas exports with shorter cycle time improving customer relations.
  • Enhance collaboration with multiple parties in multiple geographies with improved user-efficiency and end-user experience.

  • Enforcement of effective risk-free contracts across distributors/customers in multiple geographies. Track the inventory (Birds eye tracking of all stocks), Breakdown authentication, Payments & settlement.
  • Greater visibility and transparency across the digital network of customers helps to drive reduction in unfulfillment rates, leading to less holding of inventory and release working capital.
  • A secure real-time information on the status of order fulfilment with status flags ensuring that the digital network members can quickly and effectively triage a vast range of operational issues and enable optimised shipping of finished goods in line with order promise date.

  • Streamlined exportation process involving multiple distributors and customers in multiple geographies in a digital network with focussed operational insights.

  • Accurate data and digital document repository with auditability across functional departments and ecosystem participants.
  • Real-time reports and secure tracking of order fulfilment with verified documentations and certifications as tamper-proof digital records for future use and compliance.


  • Agri-commodities players can have their digital network of contract farmers in a single unified system, which can help avoid stock-outs. The Farm First App currently runs with 45,000 farmers and related businesses can quickly form network with provenance and tracking for responsible sourcing.
  • The web-based mobile application integrated to blockchain platform in a collaborative ecosystem provides a competitive advantage to accelerate deployment with existing set of ecosystem business partners.
  • The network benefits via data sharing and an ecosystem approach digitally. Due to increasing compliance requirements, system allows to integrate and collaborate digitally at source for sustainability tracking & reporting.
  • The streamlined process has cut Corporates average working capital cycle by about 20 days.
  • The efficiency of the solution has provided corporate more time to focus on developing new supply and customer networks to broaden its reach globally.

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