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(BCP) – Regulatory Compliance Document Management


Organisation are looking to overcome challenges of regulatory/statutory and operational compliance, both statutory and operational, in external manufacturing/ Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMOs) and reach HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) objectives integrated with Business Continuity Plan (BCP). There is a clear deficit in its execution in most organisations due to its manual approach, paper-based, siloed processes that exist involving cumbersome activity with critical inefficiencies like invalid certificates


#dltledgers platform helps to automate the process involving global brands, their third party manufactures, external auditors/assessors to create a single secure repository and access management through permissions to the document/ data with validation in blockchain. Multiple input sources can be validated into the framework to provide the tracking of validity of certificates and licenses involved that are critical to he ongoing operations of the facility/plant providing visibility to the extended supply chain. This brings mutli-tier stakeholders to execute smart contracts involving multi-parties expanding collaboration across multiple disciplines in multiple geographies. The tamper-proof permissioned blockchain network is designed to decentralise and capture data, document, and information in a secure manner from multiple sources. Trusted collaboration between the counterparties who can view and edit their actions and authenticate data supports both internal and external auditors to verify the documents through permissioned access. The document and data can be validated by all stakeholders in the tamper-proof blockchain network leading to real-time tracking of the events across the supply chain and allowing to meet compliance requirements especially the regulatory and operational that are critical.

Business Benefits

A single unified framework of HSE compliance in external manufacturing facilities ensuring BCP compliances. This facilitates data through a pre-set workflow and approval process to fully manage compliant process without manual efforts.

Improves data validation process enhancing audit compliance with immutable audit trails and reducing probability of compliance risk and occurrences of events & untoward incidences that disrupt production in factories, fully aligning with company policy and regulatory requirements.

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