Blockchain in Supply Chain Finance: Gaining Business Advantage


Blockchain technology is poised to revolutionize supply chain management, making it one of the most promising applications today.

By creating a complete, transparent, tamper-proof history of information flows, inventory flows, and financial flows in transactions, the blockchain can help supply chain partners overcome some of their challenges.

As for Supply Chain Finance, this is a tool used by businesses that make purchases to provide their suppliers advance payment on their invoices.

Contrary to traditional factoring, funding is provided through the buyer’s bank in a supply chain finance arrangement at a rate dependent on the buyer’s credit rating.

As a result, suppliers frequently have easier access to capital than they would have otherwise.

The many advantages of blockchain in supply chain finance may not be as crystal clear as they are in trade finance, which has long been linked with paper-based procedures.

However, there has been a lot of discussion about how blockchain might contribute to supply chain financing strategies, like increased confidence between concerned parties may result from blockchain’s capacity to produce an unchangeable audit trail for every transaction.

Introducing SmartFIN

As providers of trade financing solutions, #dltledgers seeks to eliminate the capital disparity that exists between small firms and non-bank lenders.

SmartFIN is a platform for MSMEs to obtain trade finance from leading alternative lenders.

SmartFIN combines blockchain and supply chain finance as a tool to automate and simplify working capital application processes.

Here’s how we do it: 24 hours after registering, get in touch with the financiers.

Users can access numerous financial sources and obtain financing options with competitive rates and flexible payment terms by successfully completing the #dltledgers’ exclusive KYC process shown below.

  1. Post a Finance Request
  2. Review responses
  3. Negotiate
  4. Shortlist finance providers
  5. Submit financing requests

Wondering if SmartFIN is for your business?

Good thing #dltledgers had made SmartFIN perfect for both traders and lenders.

Get in touch with our experts to streamline and digitalize your supply chain finance operations.

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