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Bank Guarantee Digitalisation


Organisations provides Bank Guarantees (BG) as assurance and or as performance guarantee on contracts. This is currently a paper-based, semi-automated process between Banks and Corporates.


#dltledgers platform helps to streamline the BG processes bringing stakeholders to execute smart contracts involving collaboration across multiple disciplines in multiple geographies. The tamper-proof permissioned blockchain network is designed to decentralise and capture data, document, and information in a secure manner. Trusted collaboration between the counterparties who can view and edit their actions and authenticate data. This can be validated by all stakeholders in the network. Banks get the consented document for issuance of BG and its tracking.

Business Benefits

BG process digitalisation on #dltledgers platform allows tamper-proof digital documents with validation in blockchain. The user gets a single source of truth and a single unified framework involving multiple geographies to execute the BG

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