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MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) are facing trade finance challenges with mainline banks due to a lack of historical data to generate creditworthiness. The Working capital requirements need to be met to grow their business


With #dltledger’s SmartFIN applications you are in joining an e-marketplace for financing with a network of alternate financiers who will support your working capital requirements subject to their due diligence process. The alternate financiers will have enhanced visibility into the multi-tiered business transaction of an MSME with documents matched, reconciled, and authenticated using blockchain consensus between multiple parties internal and external involved in the transaction from multiple geographies. The access policies and controls to govern the sharing and viewing under the company compliance practice between multiple users can be configured in the digital network

For overall value creation #dltledger’s provides a fully digitalised transaction involving multi-parties both internally and externally through a secure, permissioned access to business partners across the supply chain ecosystem.

Business Benefits

A great way to meet your working capital requirements and build up the case for reaching out to the main lines in the future as the business matures. The Digital process allows for better support of compliance and reduces human error. With audit trails and monitoring reports, the risk of trade transactions is mitigated significantly with the identity management and other related attributes that are built into the application.

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