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Supply chain orchestration made easy
Enable visibility, efficiency, compliance,
resilience, reconciliation and sustainability
in real time
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A multi-party problem statement cannot be resolved by any single-party system.
it needs a "Multi-Party Approach"
MESCBN Platform
Metaverse low code blockchain platform for
multi party supply chain transaction
Configure, deploy and resolve in weeks.
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Our customers have real-time Supply Chain visibility with multi-party orchestration at source, live authenticated information that allows you to monitor the route of the goods and their exact location at any given point.

It will reach you with real-time notification and offer proactive support in the supply side and demand side disruptions; it allows you to understand what is happening, under what conditions, and the occurrence of any issues. 

It streamlines, networks, and integrates the gaps in existing supply chain processes, offering valuable data points in real-time, helping to avoid stockouts, protect drivers, build compliance, tackle supply and demand issues, and cut costs, increasing overall efficiency and profitability.

dltledgers MESCBN platform is built on blockchain technology to provide businesses worldwide a competitive advantage by boosting efficiency, seamless collaboration, enterprise-grade security, and reducing friction in your supply chain.

We designed our platform with three key aspects: “Digitalization, Collaboration, and Authentication,” to offer three critical pillars of Trust, Privacy, and Security.

With our “Low code” and Plug-and-Play platform, our blockchain technology will make extended supply chain digitalization simple. 

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Food safety and enterprise supply chain in dltledgers blockchain platform


Extended Supply chain in dltledgers blockchain platform


Extended Supply chain in dltledgers blockchain platform 


Blockchain based MESCBN platform

Supply chain visibility in real-time

Enabling multi-party transactions in real-time across your supply chain. Build source level authenticity, enhancing resilience, efficiency and compliance. Real-time reconciliation, notification, building end to end sustainability.  

Collaborate like never before

Collaborate with your business partners for seamless movement of goods, documents, contracts and financing. Our easy onboarding and scale-as-you-go model will strengthen your supply chain process and bring all your stakeholders on a single platform.





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